Third Sunday of Lent

The Lectionary for the Third Sunday of Lent gives the celebrant the option of using the readings for Year C or Year A. Here is a link to these readings.

Lord, with your help, may I bear good fruit in this life.

The Gospel for Year C is Jesus’ warning about sudden death (some folks Pilate had slaughtered and some who died when a tower collapsed) and about our need to bear good fruit (the parable of the unfruitful fig tree).

  • For an outline focusing on the Second Commandment and honoring God’s name, click here.
  • For an outline focusing on repentance, click here.

The Gospel for Year A is Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well:

  • For an outline focusing on conforming our hearts to God’s will, click here.

Here are the Catechism points and themes offered by the Homiletic Directory for the Third Sunday of Lent:

  • CCC 210, 2575-2577: God calls Moses, hears prayers of his people
  • CCC 1963-1964: observance of Law prepares for conversion
  • CCC 2851: evil and its works as obstacle on way of salvation
  • CCC 128-130, 1094: Old Testament “types” fulfilled in New
  • CCC 736, 1108-1109, 1129, 1521, 1724, 1852, 2074, 2516, 2345, 2731: bearing fruit

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    I do like this helpful insight of all Sundays’ reflection. Please send me for my service in the parish.

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