Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus’ fellow townspeople flip from adulation to murderous anger. This is unfortunately the pattern of his life. Here are links to two full, updated and revised outlines. The virtue of hope and acts of hope The laity’s legitimate role in the prophetic office of Christ   Read more »

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

The lectionary readings for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time focus on (a) Ezra’s reading of the rediscovered Scriptures to the remnant who returned to Jerusalem from Babylonian captivity and (b) Jesus’ reading of the prophet Isaiah followed by his proclaimation that He is the promised long-awaited messiah. Here are […] Read more »

The Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

The Gospel for the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time is the Wedding Feast of Cana. Christ reveals himself to be God through his miracle. He also blesses human marriage, perhaps at that moment instituting the Sacrament of Matrimony. He also shows forth the spousal relationship between him and every baptized […] Read more »


The Nativity of the Lord There are four sets of Lectionary readings for Christmas. To access any of them, plus a fifth outline based just on the Gospel readings for the day, click the links below. Vigil At Night At Dawn During the Day Based on all four Gospels Read more »

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

To view Lectionary 12, click here. Basic Question: Our Lady believed God would keep the promises he made to her. That is why St. Elizabeth said to her, “Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.” God has made you many […] Read more »

Second Sunday of Advent – Hope

Central Idea: Even though as followers of Christ we are each undergoing a difficult but good transformation, we can feel a lot of joy in this life anticipating the joy of heaven. Doctrine: The Theological Virtue of Hope. Practical Application: Ways to activate hope. Read more »