First Sunday of Advent

Don’t be like the foolish drunk these villagers are shoving into the pigsty where he belongs.

This week the liturgical year begins anew with the First Sunday of Advent in Year C of the lectionary cycle.

You many choose between two different outlines.

The summary of the first is: Central Idea: We will always be ready to meet Christ our Judge if every day we are humbly making the effort to obey his commandments out of loveDoctrine: The Theological virtue of CharityPractical Application: Acts of the virtue of religion; acts of love.

The summary of the second is: Central idea: Vigilance. Doctrine: The final tribulation and Christ’s Last Judgment. Practical application: Alertness.

As always, there is enough material in each to preach many homilies.






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  1. Rony Dae Soro Avatar

    I love it. Good for preparing the homili

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