Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Contemplative-active lives

“Christ in the House of Mary and Martha” Vincenzo Campi (ca 1550)

Our Lord was ever the master teacher. He was not merely the teacher of his universal doctrine of salvation. He was also the teacher of individual souls who needed formation.

One way he taught persons what they needed to know was by responding to them with something completely unexpected but which they really needed to hear. In today’s gospel, Christ does just that with Martha’s complaint.

For the readings for the Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Lectionary 108, click here.

The Homiletic Directory offers the following Catechism points and themes for the Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time:

  • CCC 2571: Abraham’s hospitality
  • CCC 2241: welcome the stranger
  • CCC 2709-2719: contemplation
  • CCC 618, 1508: sharing in Christ’s sufferings for his Body
  • CCC 568, 772: “the hope of glory” in the Church and in her sacraments

For a revised and updated Doctrinal Homily Outline with the following foci, click here.

  • Central idea: Christ wants to dwell in us to transform us into perfect images of himself.
  • Doctrine: Active vs. contemplative lives.
  • Practical application: Living active-contemplative lives.







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