Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

In this age, live an orderly and upright life, work quietly, and mind your own business.

Do I live an orderly life? In other words, am I practicing the four cardinal virtues, enlightened by the Gospel and strengthened by grace:

  • Prudence (seeing what God wants me to do),
  • Justice (doing what God wants me to do),
  • Fortitude (courage and toughness when fear or weakness are obstacles to doing what God wants me to do), and
  • Temperance (self-control when some pleasure tempts me not to do what God wants me to do)?

For a revised and updated doctrinal homily outline for the Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, click here.

The foci, appropriate for the near-end of the liturgical year, are

  • Central Idea: Our period of salvation history and how we are to live in it.
  • Doctrine: The Second Coming of Christ and the Final Judgment.
  • Practical Application: How to live in this age.






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