Second Sunday of Lent

Evgraf (Gerard) Romanovich Reitern (1849)

Here is the link for a doctrinal homily outline for the Second Sunday of Lent.

Its focus:

Central idea: God wants to bestow life.

Doctrine: The problem of suffering.

Practical application: Alleviate others’ suffering.

The proper response to another’s suffering is kindness and mercy, to alleviate that suffering if we can.

What are some things we might be able to do to alleviate others’ suffering?

    • We can pray for them.
    • We can offer their ordeal to God for them.
    • We can be with them.
    • We can let them talk and listen to them.
    • We can do little things for them that please them.
    • We can help them in a way they want to be helped.






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