Third Sunday of Lent

Moses and the Ten Commandments by Rembrant (1659)

Here is a link to a Doctrinal Homily Outline for the Third Sunday of Lent, Year B, Lectionary 29.

The central idea is God’s Law and Jesus Christ. The doctrine discussed is God’s law, the natural law, civil law, and conscience. The practical application focuses on obeying God and not men.

Here is one principle of practical application:

  • Generally, when we engage with our culture, we have to appeal to reason, not to revelation. It does no good to cite the Magisterium of the Church as an authority when speaking to non-Catholic Christians or to offer God’s Law as a standard when trying to convince non-Christians, agnostics, or even atheists. Consequently, we need to know the natural law in a way that our parents and grandparents did not. We need simple and readily understandable rational arguments.






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