Sixth Sunday of Easter

A smile is the universal human sign of friendliness.

To find a full Doctrinal Homily Outline for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, click here.

The three parts are:

Central idea: God is love and wants us to love one another.

Doctrine: The virtue of friendliness.

Practical application: Becoming friendlier.

  • One way we build friendship with our fellow man is through friendliness. Friendliness is a way of showing love toward others.
  • Friendliness is the virtue by which we show to others that we welcome, accept, value and support them. Friendliness helps us to make and keep friends. Friendliness helps us to ‘just get along’ with people in all sorts of situations. It assists us in cooperating with others to achieve goals. Other names for friendliness are sociability and agreeableness.






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