Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

For a full outline for the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, click here. The central idea for Lectionary 75 comes from Our Lord’s words, “Light of the world,” which He was and his disciples are called to become. The doctrine is on the right to religious freedom and the social […] Read more »

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

A complete outline of a salvific message, relevant Catholic doctrine, and a practical application, based on the Lectionary readings for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A, can be found here. It is titled A Vocation to Beatitude. The central idea is the Beatitudes. The Catholic doctrine drawn from that […] Read more »

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

The readings for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (Lectionary 67) are about the light and joy that Jesus Christ has brought into the world. For a full doctrinal homily outline based on these readings, click here. When it comes to our Catholic faith, there are two central truths I […] Read more »

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

To access a full Doctrinal Homily Outline for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, click here. The central idea this writer gleaned from the lectionary readings is that Jesus Christ is the glorious Son of God who saves and sanctifies us. From his conception and through every event of his […] Read more »