Third Sunday of Easter

Lectionary readings for the Third Sunday of Easter is no. 48.

The Gospel reading is from John: Jesus’ post-Resurrection appearance to his disciples at the Sea of Tiberius.

From the archives, here is a full updated outline with the following foci:

Central Idea: Christ is our King, but Peter and the Apostles are his princes.  Doctrine: The primacy of Peter and his successors. Practical Application: Love for the pope and one’s bishop.

For a second complete updated outline, click here. The foci are:

Central idea: The Resurrection of Christ. Doctrine: The apostles and disciples as witnesses of the Resurrection. Practical application: How children of God work.

The Homiletic Directory offers the following Catechism points and themes for the Third Sunday of Easter:

  • CCC 642-644, 857, 995-996: the apostles and disciples as witnesses of the Resurrection
  • CCC 553, 641, 881, 1429: the risen Christ and Peter
  • CCC 1090, 1137-1139, 1326: the heavenly liturgy






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