Third Sunday of Lent

Lord, with your help, may I bear good fruit in this life.

The Gospel for Year C is Jesus’ warning about sudden death (some folks Pilate had slaughtered and some who died when a tower collapsed) and about our need to bear good fruit (the parable of the unfruitful fig tree).

  • For an outline focusing on the Second Commandment and honoring God’s name, click here.
  • For an outline focusing on repentance, click here.

Here are the Catechism points and themes offered by the Homiletic Directory for the Third Sunday of Lent:

  • CCC 210, 2575-2577: God calls Moses, hears prayers of his people
  • CCC 1963-1964: observance of Law prepares for conversion
  • CCC 2851: evil and its works as obstacle on way of salvation
  • CCC 128-130, 1094: Old Testament “types” fulfilled in New
  • CCC 736, 1108-1109, 1129, 1521, 1724, 1852, 2074, 2516, 2345, 2731: bearing fruit






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    I do like this helpful insight of all Sundays’ reflection. Please send me for my service in the parish.

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